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START DATE: 08 Nov 2017 - END DATE: 09 Nov 2017 - LOCATION: Gauteng

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Judges Seminar Presented by Wayne Hipsley

8 November 2017

Please note there will be a SAMHBS Judges Seminar presented by Wayne Hipsley on the 8th November 2017 at a Gauteng  venue to be advised.  We request proposals from SAMHBS members pertaining to people who we should invite serving on any existing Judges panel  that is based on qualification for acceptance. The seminar will be free to existing judges who will be added to the SAMHBS judges’ panel.  Members and the public are welcome to attend as spectators at a fee of R200.

Please contact either Paul or Coralezet with any proposals or if you have any questions.
Paul Couzyn - 082 5722 907 Email roots_n_wings@hotmail.com
Coralezet 084 251 1838 Email harteboerdery@telkomsa.net


Breeders Seminar Presented by Wayne Hipsley - Perfecting Your Knowledge about Miniature Horses

A Breeders Seminar will be held in Gauteng  presented by  Wayne Hipsley.  Please save the date, 9th November 2017.

The SA Miniature Horse Breed Society is very pleased to announce another seminar by Wayne G. Hipsley, BSc., MSc. from the USA. This seminar will be limited to only 30 people per seminar on a first come basis.

EVENT: Seminar for SAMHBS Breeders
VENUE:  Afridome, Parys
DATE: Thursday 9th November 2017
TIME: Commencing 11h00.  All day.
COST: R500 per day.
R600 for people attending both the Breeders seminar and the Judges Seminar (as spectators ) on 8th November 2017 in Pretoria.
PAYMENT: SA Miniature Horse Breeders Society
BRANCH   Brandwag
ACC. NR  041232615
REFERENCE   WH Seminar and your name


The Seminar will include

Classroom discussions using PowerPoint presentations to develop and enhance the topics and work groups to develop concepts.

To provide each attendee with resource materials, The American Miniature Horse - Judging Guide and Reference Book created by Wayne G Hipsley will be available for purchase for an additional 400ZAR. Advance purchase with registration is 350ZAR. Purchase is not necessary. The 100 page handbook brings together many of the topics developed during the seminar sessions, including score sheets, scoring techniques, anatomical linear scores and much more for breeders, exhibitors and judges.

Please contact 
Paul Couzyn;      Roots_n_wings@hotmail.com      0825722907
Ronande Wiese   ronande@studbook.co.za    051 4100974


Multi Breed Show

A Multi Breed Show to which SA Miniatures are invited is scheduled for Parys Afridome. Please save the dates 10th, 11th, and 12th November 2017.


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