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General Information

Administrative Guidelines
Fee Structure 2017
Membership Application Form
Birth Notifications 
Cancellation Form 
Deed of Sale Agreement
Buyers Beware Guide
Cover Certificate 
Application for Inspection 
Inspection Form 
Transfers / Service Certificate 
Passport Application Form 
Passport Horse Diagram


Show & Championship Rules

Show Rules 2018
Skouklasse 2018
Show Classes 2018 
Show Manual 2017


Export of Animals

Application to Export Animals, Embryo's, Ova or Semen


Unistel Forms

Dwarfism Request Form 2017 
Dwarfism Test Guidelines and Protocol 2017
Bestelvorm vir Perdtoetse
Request Form for Horse Testing
Perd Vaarskaptoetse (.xlsx)
Addisionele Toetse Pryslys
Combination Package: HERDA, GBED, HYPP and OLWS
Perde Detail (.xlsx)


Koerier van Pakkies na Unistel

Gee die voltooide pakkies by enige Dawn Wing (lys van takke hieronder) tak af en gebruik Unistel se rekening nr (CP3990) op die waybill. Dit sal dan op Unistel se rekening kom om te vereffen.

Of gebruik Ampath, druk die brief hieronder uit en vat dit saam met jou pakkie na enige Ampath tak.

Dawn Wing Welcome Document (.docx)
Dawn Wing Branch Directory
Ampath Vervoer van Monsters

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